Progress Always Begins Where Your Comfort Zone Ends

Vanessa’s primary focus and area of expertise is in creating a strong partnership between the horse and rider across all riding disciplines. She has over 25 years of experience working with horses and riders both in the show ring as well as for pleasure, and truly enjoys the process of helping people and their equine partners reach their full potential. Vanessa understands the importance of building the rider’s confidence and connection with the horse, and does so by utilizing the pragmatic application of the techniques developed by Tom and Bill Dorrance, Ray Hunt, and Buck Brannaman.

Vanessa believes in the importance of establishing a solid connection and groundwork fundamentals with your horse. While her formal background is in the Hunter/Jumper world, Vanessa’s philosophy can help you achieve your goals regardless of your preferred discipline. By tapping into the incredible body of knowledge and best practices that many wonderful trainers have established over time, Vanessa will ensure that both you and your horse excel.

It you do not own a horse, Vanessa and BeOne Training have a great herd of horses that you can meet and build a relationship with as your perfect Equine Partner. When working with Vanessa you will establish a regular cadence of training sessions and based on a complementary 1-hour initial assessment, you will begin the program where you are today. Together you and Vanessa will set goals, define outcomes, and create a path to achieve them.  All along the way the partnership between you and your horse will remain top of mind!

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