Progress Always Begins Where Your Comfort Zone Ends

Vanessa is focused on creating a strong partnership between the horse and rider. She has over 30 years
of experience working with horses and riders, both in the show ring and for pleasure. She enjoys helping
people and their equine partners reach their full potential.

Vanessa understands the importance of
building confidence and connection for both horse and rider.
Establishing a solid connection and groundwork fundamentals with your horse is essential. Vanessa’s
philosophy can help you achieve your goals regardless of whether you are looking to compete, perfect
your technique, or continue to build your relationship with your horse.

Vanessa will ensure that both
you and your horse become one as a partnership.
Together you and Vanessa will set goals, define outcomes, and create a path to achieve them.
Throughout this journey the partnership between you and your horse will remain top of mind!

Vanessa Howard Anderson

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