The BeOne Way!

“BeOne” is the original name of “Opus One” Vanessa’s amazing show jumper and equine partner, teacher and friend for the last 14 years. Vanessa could not have asked for a better partner on her Equestrian Journey. This is why she decided to honor him by naming her business after him.  Opus has guided Vanessa in so many ways over the years.

Vanessa created BeOne Training & Wellness as a way to share her 30 plus years of riding, competing, and training experience with her clients. BeOne Training combines several disciplines into a winning combination of horsemanship, riding skills, and personal growth. BeOne Training includes; Hunter/Jumper training, Horsemanship, Positive Reinforcement Training, working with young or challenging horses, building rider confidence and connection with their horse. Vanessa believes you must “Get to the mind of the horse” first. She focuses on making sure the wellbeing of the horse comes first and foremost in the BeOne Training program. Vanessa incorporates her intuitive abilities to read the horse to understand their physical as well as their emotional needs. Her decades of Hunter/Jumper training experience ensures the best possible outcome for the horse. She will share this gift with you.

The “BeOne Way” integrates you and your horse into a single unit.  You will gain new insights about yourself and how you show up in any setting in or out of the riding arena. Your horse is your partner. Vanessa is your guide. Together, you will achieve a greater understanding and practice of quality horsemanship and how to be the best human partner for your horse.

Together you will BeOne!

Getting Started With BeOne Training?

Getting started is best done by putting one foot (and four hooves) forward. Let’s get together and start your journey. 


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