BeOne Training & Wellness Expands Into The Pacific Northwest

BeOne Training & Wellness is pleased to announce our expansion into the Pacific Northwest. We are located at Creekside Meadow Farms, a beautiful 14-acre facility near Gig Harbor, Washington. Creekside Meadow Farms was designed for horses with every detail focused on their wellbeing, health, and deep connection to the land. As the pictures illustrate, it’s an ideal setting for horse and rider.

BeOne Training & Wellness Expands into the Pacific Northwest!

Of course, the BeOne Program requires an environment and community that supports the integration of training and wellness, encouraging the in-depth personal journey that our clients depend upon. The Pacific Northwest is ideal for these journeys. The combination of bright sunny days contrasted with the chill of early mornings provides much needed variety for horses and riders. When the marine layer mist and fog set in, it’s easy to close your eyes and visualize that magical, far-away place of your dreams.

Currently we have several horses at the farm plus an amazing donkey. Opus, Clare Bear, Valentine, Maximus, and Buddy have settled in and now enjoy fields measured in acres! It has been amazing to see them build their own community while enjoying the space, weather, and feeling of being in a “truly magical” horse environment.

BeOne is about actually “being one” with all that surrounds you. This means connecting to yourself, the horses, and the land. The topology of the farm encourages this connection. It combines flat terrain with gentle rolling hills. It contains a wonderful creek that provides spawning salmon with dense foliage for protection. Plus, it has its own trail system for expansive riding or walking.

We’ve been asked, “how did you find this amazing place?” The answer is, “the farm found us” and as with everything in life, chance truly favors the prepared mind. We were prepared for change and therefore it happened. We chose to BeOne with the journey. More on this topic and many others soon …

Vanessa Anderson

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