BeOne Training & Wellness Has Moved!

I’m pleased to announce that we have relocated BeOne Training & Wellness to a lovely private facility in Rancho Santa Fe. Our program requires an environment and community that supports the integration of training and wellness, encouraging the in-depth personal journey that our clients depend upon. The horses and clients are totally settled in and enjoying being one with this lovely community.

Rancho Santa Fe is made for BeOne! The equestrian community is an amazing collection of people, animals, and properties that extend for miles in all directions. As you can see from the picture, it is a peaceful and lush setting. Plus, the topology of Rancho Santa Fe provides a terrain that reminds us what it’s like to ride in the “true wild west.” Trails, hills, and large plains are all part of this magical setting. In fact, Opus and I have already galloped across many acres just for fun.

Speaking of community, the owners of this private facility have created the perfect balance of beauty, safety, and spirit that is so necessary in a great equestrian facility. They have built the perfect setting over many decades and we are blessed that they are sharing it with BeOne Training & Wellness. The ultimate test is to “ask the horses” how they feel. This picture tells the whole story. Of course, we also asked the people how they feel, especially those that support the ranch. The smile on the face of the groom says it all.

The following describes some of the amenities and features:

  • Stalls with runs (Equipped with Security cameras & remote access)
  • Well groomed Jumping Arena with Sprinkler System
  • Hot/Cold wash racks
  • Grass area for Grazing
  • Access to Miles of Coveted RSF Trails

Vanessa Anderson

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