Here’s what other clients have to say about working with Vanessa

Vanessa is a gifted horsewomen who enabled me to be one with my horse, grow as a person, and become truly comfortable in my own skin. Thanks to her program horses will always be a part of my life.

I have watched many trainers as I rode on the AA hunter circuit and Vanessa is one of the best, both as an accomplished rider and trainer. I’ve seen her ride horses other people struggled to control. She has a gift for seeing and bringing out the best in both the horse and rider. Vanessa combines deep intuition with solid and pragmatic horsemanship. She is an excellent coach, and able to help riders overcome issues and anxieties that often are long term and deep rooted.

I came to Vanessa with a lovely, sensitive mare that had never learned to jump. Vanessa taught my horse to jump, become round over a jump, and to do flying lead changes. My horse won numerous championships in the Baby Green, Pre Green and Large Working Hunters while training with Vanessa.

Vanessa helped me build a partnership with my horse and gain confidence in the show ring. I had a lot of horse show anxiety and she coached me through it. The first year I showed, I won the WSHJA Long Stirrup Championship for state. Vanessa incorporated a lot of groundwork in our training, a practice I use every day. Thanks to Vanessa, I am confident in my horsemanship skills and truly partnered with my horse.


Before I met Vanessa, I felt as though my passion for riding was fading, like I was just another paycheck. I felt interchangeable, not special. But then I began training with Vanessa. I feel safe with her. She made sure I trusted the horse and the horse trusted me. I fell in love with riding all over again. For the first time in years, I felt as though I am heading towards a future. Vanessa is truly invested in me and my future.

She cares about my progression and my goals within the sport. During lessons, she makes sure I understand why I need to do certain things, like hold my hands higher, instead of simply telling me to do it. She teaches to all the different learning styles. For example, I have observed her riding Opus to better understand how he can go with a more experienced rider on him.

She has helped me build a good base, so as I progress, I am a capable rider. No matter how the lesson goes, I am happy because I am either improving or I am learning. Vanessa’s training has turned my life around. Her lessons on groundwork have built my courage and confidence. Vanessa is an outstanding horsewoman. I am very lucky to have met her.